Friday, 30 September 2016

Moving To University

Once again, I'm late getting round to writing this post so I'm just going to openly accept that punctuality is not in my nature. Anyway, as you know following my results, I would be moving to the University of Manchester on the 17th September. I'm aware it's 2 weeks later but I felt like I would write about my experience of moving to uni and now I suppose I can even write a bit about what its like living away from home and having to actually succumb to adulthood finally.

Ok, I was super unprepared for moving to uni, I was still shopping for things I needed right up until I left and I didn't even start packing until the night before, you could probably say I'm quite an unorganised person. Anyway, I was so excited to move to Manchester, the last few months of living in Telford, I just felt like I was ready to start a new chapter to my life in a brand new city where I could truly find myself. I was so overwhelmed with excitement that i surprisingly wasn't nervous at this point.

Me and my family set out on the Saturday morning and got there at about noon, we unpacked everything, I decorated my room and then we headed out for one last meal as a family before they all left me in such a big city by myself, EEEKK (The nerves were beginning to set in)! I finally said goodbye to my family, watching them drive off and abandon me in what felt like the middle of nowhere; not knowing my way around and not knowing anyone either. I remember sitting on my bed for about 10 minutes in complete shock not knowing what to do with myself! Once I finally pulled myself together, I started to decorate my desk space; pinning postcards and photos to my walls and hanging up my tapestry and then I met all of my flat mates, clicking with them almost instantly and honestly this made me feel so much better and more at home. I began to get my excitement back at the prospect of having my own place in my favourite city.  

By the evening, I was sat in my kitchen with all of my flat mates and numerous people from various floors of my accommodation, getting drunk and just getting to know everyone. We all headed out to this really cool indie bar, Big Hands (as pictured above), where I met so many more Freshers and socialised with so many people; we even met these cool Norwegians who were into the Stone Roses and we ended up singing Sally Cinnamon together; at this moment, I knew that I was going to love this place. I ended up making one of my best friends that night and we ended up staying out when everyone had gone back home and decided to head to the Northern Quarter at about 2:00am in search of a curry! It was honestly such an amazing first night, it couldn't have gone any better; the pictures above were all taken that night which shows how much of a great time I had. 

I know people say this all the time but if you're debating whether or not to head to university next year because you're unsure about moving away from home.. just go for it! I am the biggest home bird going, I' so close with my family that for me the prospect of leaving them all was so hard especially my dog! But, two weeks in and despite missing them, I feel as if I've made a home for myself here already and I mean you can just get yourself a railcard and visit home as much as you like.

I never thought I'd hear myself saying this but step out of your comfort zone and just go for it!

The Clueless Blogger

P.S. Be prepared to consume incalculable amounts of free Dominoes pizza and strengthen your immune system for when the dreaded Freshers Flu hits (She writes whilst coughing profusely( You will feel like death))

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