Monday, 12 September 2016


After months and months of anticipation, on results day, I finally found out that I'm going to be moving to my favourite city to study at my dream university, The University of Manchester. Yes, I know results day feels like ages ago now but ever since its been so hectic, preparing for uni, that I'm only just finding the time to mention it. As you can probably guess, I was absolutely over the moon to find out that I'm going to be living in such an amazing city in a few days, home to some of my all-time favourite bands: The Smiths, The Stone Roses, Oasis, New Order, The Verve; the list is endless. 

So, after finding out the good news, me and a friend decided to hop on a train and go explore the city further so that when I actually move there, I know where all of the cool indie bars are and record shops. Despite getting lost numerous times and it actually taking us about 2 hours to reach the city centre from the university instead of 20 minutes *Yawn*, we had such a great day just roaming around all of the different streets and alleyways finding so much street art on every corner, they were like hidden gems. 

Side note: the street art was definitely my favourite part about our day; there was so much of it and it was all so beautiful! There were graffiti tributes to Bowie and Prince and they were all done by such talented artists; it added to the sense of culture and the creative vibe that you feel throughout Manchester. 

It was such a lovely day and it was a great opportunity to take a few photos to grace my blog with; the trip has now made me even more excited about the fact that I will be living in this beautiful city very shortly!

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