Saturday, 28 January 2017

Change Is Good

A lot of people really hate change in their life, some people even fear it ; I mean as humans we all have routines that we carry out, we all go to the bar and 'say the usual'; we all go and buy the same style pair of jeans (sometimes feeling wild and going for a different colour). Thats because we're creatures of habit. People love the permanence of having set routines and therefore for them the idea of change is just out of the question.

I feel like I was one of those people, I always used to say, 'I want to do this.. I wish I could... I want to change this...' even though, I knew that I would never do any of those things. I used to enjoy having a routine, getting up at exactly the same time every morning for sixth form (Late); walking there; moaning all day until I could go home; watch tv all night; sleep and then do it all again the next day. It was so boring.  There were always things that I wanted to do and never got round to doing it.

Luckily, I've realised this now and ever since my last year at sixth form, instead of saying that I'm going to do stuff, I've actually been making an effort to do so. For me, I've always loved piercings and I've always talked about how I want this and that done however, I never got round to doing it (1. Because my mum wouldnt let me until I was 18 but 2. Because I was frankly quite pleased about the first excuse because I was too scared even if I were aloud). I feel like for me turning 18 actually made me realise shit, you can actually do all the things that you wanted to do before because now no one can stop you and I then realised tI'm now actually holding myself back. So, last year I went and got some piercings; I started with my septum and then my tongue and then my nose (I already had my lobe and cartilage done). This was the beginning of embracing change and actually doing what I've always wanted and I can honestly say I am so happy with them, I absolutely love my piercings and although they are a controversial point amongst friends and family or even just old judgement strangers, it's something that I dont care about because I love them and I finally did something daring and changed my look.

Another change for me quite recently as you can see from the above photos, was that I got my hair cut verrryy short (Well for me anyway). Before this month my hair has always been extremely long, I mean it was down to my bum! And although I used to love it, I actually began to loathe it as I have such thick hair, it just became a chore to handle and I felt as if I never knew what do with it because I had so much of it ha ha. I have probably been saying for the last 2 years how much I want to go a lot shorter and everyone always used to tell me to 'Never cut your hair short...You'll regret it... I wish my hair looked like that...' and for this reason I never went shorter. But this month, I decided to take a leap and just cut it all off, I mean I found it pretty scary (scarier than getting piercings even) because it was going to be such a huge change for me. However, I can honestly say that I'm in love with my short hair and it was the best decision that I've made in so long. It feels so much healthier and lighter and so much easier to manage ahhhh!

After cutting my hair, I told myself that this year is all about change and doing things that I've always wanted to do. For me, I've never really believed in new years resolutions or the whole 'new year, new me' so I'm not really calling it a resolution, in fact i'm going for the mantra that 'Change is good' and embracing it. A few things that I've been wanting to do for so long is to get a tattoo; save enough money to renew my passport so I can go travelling; get my daith pierced and to go to a festival. So far, this year I have already gotten my tattoo!! Of which, I will be doing a blog post very shortly on so I'm not going to talk about it here and also I have been selling my old clothes on Depop and have in fact saved enough money for my passport and its been less than a month into 2017. This means that I'm going to be planning a trip to Berlin or Poland very shortly and me and my uni friends are even planning a summer trip to Switzerland, which I'm so excited about! 2017 is going to be a good year, I can feel it!

Anyway, as I've clearly emphasised, change is definitely good! I feel like everyone needs some change in their life to make it more exciting and to escape from the restraints of routine because let's be honest how boring does it get when you're just going through life doing the same old things?

Sometimes we just need to go for it in life and stop holding ourselves back. Go do new things and embrace change!

The Clueless Blogger

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

A Weekend In Manchester

With Christmas indefinitely over and my Christmas break sadly drawing to an end, it came the time where unfortunately I had to head back to Manchester for exam weeks. Although, I couldn't wait to get back to Manchester, I was absolutely dreading have to go back for exams despite only having one, I also had numerous essays due that I hadn't even started *Queen of Procrastination over here* Ooopps!

But anyway, inevitably I had to go back and succumb to the torturous amounts of hours stuck in my flat cracking out essay material whilst attempting to revise and also having to go back to cooking for myself, something I hadn't done in over a month. Urgh, it sucks being an adult and living alone. However, before I got back to all of the dreaded student life business, my Mum drove me back to Manchester to help me unpack and then decided to stay the weekend. This was absolutely lovely as its the first time shes stayed since I've been living in Manchester which meant that we got to spend the whole weekend exploring Manchester, shopping, eating and drinking cocktails; what better way is there to spend a weekend and with what better company?

It turned out my mum had booked us in for afternoon tea at the most beautiful hotel, Radisson Blu Edwardian; which was honestly the poshest place I'd ever been to, being the common gal from the midlands that no ones ever heard of (to put it in perspective how posh it was, the waiter actually put our napkins on our laps!). It was such an amazing place, we drank Prosecco cocktails, had finger sandwiches and scones and had an all round lovely time. Sadly, I forgot to take photos in there as I was too busy indulging in food and Prosecco, ha haa.

The next day, my Mum treated me again, to dinner in The Botanist as she knew that I'd been dieing to check this restaurant out for so long. I can happily say, that it is now one of, if not my favourite restaurant! The whole restaurant was designed like a greenhouse and the botanical vibe was everywhere, it was as if we were eating in a little potting shed and it was the most adorable setting ever.  The food was absolutely phenomenal, I had a chicken and chorizo pie, complete with mushy peas and mashed potato which was amazing and my Mum had fish and chips, which was served in the cutest wooden palette with a plant pot of mushy peas and a watering can with tartar sauce in.. Yes, it was served in a watering can, how cool!We spent the rest of the day shopping and then my mum had to head back home, which meant it was time for me to actually get my head down and do some work, urghhh!


Above, are all of the photos taken at The Botanist which I just can't get over how amazing it was. It was such a lovely weekend where I was able to have a break and just forget about uni work for a while and then set me in the right frame of mind to actually get on with revision. I'm actually thinking about writing a blog post on coping with exam stress, which will be less focused on how to revise and how to stop procrastinating but instead, will be more focused on relaxing and taking time to chill because self love is the most important thing which people tend to forget when they're overwhelmed by work.  The post should be up shortly this week so keep an eye out.

The Clueless Blogger