Friday, 24 March 2017

The Whitworth, Andy Warhol Exhibition

So, if you've read my previous post, you'll know that yesterday I headed to my local art gallery in Manchester, The Whitworth. When I say local, I literally mean that it is opposite my flat and is only a two second walk; with this being the case I've been meaning to go and check it out for about six months now and I've just never gotten round to it. As it was such a lovely day yesterday and as I heard that there was an Andy Warhol exhibition going on, I just knew that I had to go and check it out before it finishes. The gallery itself is soo lovely; its got the right balance of historic architecture as you'll see in my photos of the exterior but it also has such gorgeous contemporary aesthetics as well. The gallery is actually situated in Whitworth Park which means that there is an amazing view from the glass cafe. This gallery actually turned out to be one of my favourites that I've visited as it was just so quirky and dainty, with so many different twists, turns and stairwells leading you to what felt like a never ending array of art; I'm definitely going to be paying it many more visits in the future.

Besides, the gallery itself being so lovely, the Andy Warhol exhibition was equally as amazing. I had an absolute whale of a time just roaming around and admiring all of his work of which I have always been a huge fan of. After visiting one of his exhibitions in Tate Liverpool a few years back, I didnt expect this exhibition to be as good as it was in such a smaller, less well known gallery but, it definitely exceeded my expectations. The exhibition was full of so many of my favourite Warhol pieces including 'Gun' (1981), 'Electric Chair' (19640 and 'Self Portrait Strangulation' (1978). Warhol is one of my favourite artists partially due to the controversy of his work but also because his work is symbolic of so many political and social issues. As mentioned above, two of my favourite pieces are 'Gun' and 'Electric Chair', both of which were part of his Death and Disaster collection; a theme that became more prominent throughout his work following his near death experience in 1968. The 'Electric Chair' particularly strikes me as it captures the event of the execution of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg during The Cold War (For those of you who don't know, The Cold War has always been my favourite part of History to study). This piece captures the height of political tensions during this period of time in a morbidly artistic way and I absolutely love it.

Before I get too caught up in my admiration of Warhol's work, I'm just going to leave it there with how mind blowing and how influential both he is as a person as well as his work. He is genuinely an artistic genius in my eyes and his work is of paramount significance. Below, is a small compilation of some of the photos I took on my little trip to the gallery yesterday so you guys can share the experience too. 


If you want to go and check out the exhibition, you've still got time; the Andy Warhol exhibition is going to be open until April 16th. I definitely recommend that you go and check it out, the work is amazing!

The Clueless Blogger

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Sunshine and Daffodils

Finally, the sun is out and Spring is in the Air! Today, it officially felt like Spring was here (Well in Manchester anyway), the sun was out from the minute I opened my curtains this morning and it was such a nice feeling to feel the sun shining through my window after so long. I decided that you know what, I'm not going into university today because instead I'm going to enjoy the rarity that is the sunshine.. dont worry I was only supposed to be in for an hour anyway so it wasn't too bad. Although, I did end up spending a lot of my day doing work anyway which kinda makes up for it in my head but it was just so nice to give myself the day off. I spent most of the day sat on my floor on my tapestry, drinking coffee and doing assignments but it was just so lovely as I was sat by my big open window in my flat and it generally just made me so happy and actually more productive as I was actually enjoying doing my work with the help of the sunshine. I was so content in my own little world listening to Happy Mondays in a celebratory gesture as today I also managed to get myself and a friend two tickets to go and see them this year, ahhhh! Today was a good day!

After doing some work, I decided that I was going to go for a walk in the sun, go to the local art gallery and maybe pop into a cute cafe somewhere to grab a well deserved cappuccino and a slice of cake. It was so lovely to be able to put a cute summery outfit on considering I've basically been purely dressing for the drizzly rain and freezing cold recently which means that I've been forever living in old grandad jumpers and mom jeans. So, to make the most of the weather, I popped on my favourite yellow jumper, my dusty pink pinafore, docs, grabbed my Levis jacket(outfit details below) and headed to the gallery. Although on the way, through the park, I couldn't help but spot some daffodils and of course had to make the most of this photo opportunity so against her will, I forced my flatmate into becoming my photographer for the day ha ha, don't worry I repaid her with coffee.

As I said, we headed to the gallery after exhausting my camera with daffodil photos and just roamed around the Andy Warhol exhibition that was going on and then headed to a coffee shop. It was such a lovely day and it's made me so much more excited for Summer to come along now as I can't wait to have more days out like today just roaming around, exploring in the sunshine. It's amazing how much the sun can uplift your mood! Anyway, thats all for now but keep an eye out for a follow up post of my time in my local art gallery, The Whitworth.

 Outfit details: Yellow Jumper: Vintage, Pink Pinafore: Topshop, Levi's Denim Jacket: ASOS, Doc Martens, Dogtooth Socks: Topshop, Fishnets: Primark, Kanken Rucksack 

Lets just hope the sun comes out more frequently from now on so I can go out and take more blog photos without getting rained on!

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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Overwhelmed By University

First of all, I'm going to apologise as I'm aware that I've been rather inactive on here lately and I haven't written in a while. Ive been so swamped by university work lately that it's been impossible for me to think about anything but assignments, its' honestly so difficult trying to juggle university work and blogging as well as trying to maintain my social life; attempting trying to do the things we humans have to do to live i.e. eat, sleep, shower, exercise, drink at least 8 cups of water a day ladeedadadada (you get the point?). Side note: I'm currently writing this instead of finishing my assignment off and this basically sums up how my procrastination levels have reached an all time high. 

I digress, so basically as I was saying I've been getting so caught up in doing university work whilst running solely on coffee and carrot cake as fuel. Lets just say the last few weeks have been pretty hectic when it comes to workload. Anyway, as my head has been completely frazzled recently, and in the midst of a late night caffeine induced existential crisis, whilst I listen to Talking Heads; it suddenly dawned on me that I've been getting so engrossed with work recently that I've just completely forgotten to chill. I mean I'm still a fresher technically and I should be out having fun, getting drunk and doing other stereotypically fresher activities ha ha but the last two weeks I've completely postponed all fun things in my life to completely try and close myself off from society and devote myself to my work. This has had a completely negative effect on me as I would have thought that devoting myself to my assignments would make me feel better, more organised and just in general more on top of everything; news flash: it didnt, it did the complete opposite. I've been in such a state of feeling down and I've been so sick of uni it's been making me even less productive when it comes to my work. 

As I've been spending more and more time at my desk recently as my semester is drawing to a close (which means incalculable deadlines all thrown at you at once) its actually heightened my procrastination levels. I mean, I find it so difficult to concentrate at uni as there is always so many things going on socially that you want to be a part of and also living in such a big, vibrant city isn't the most helpful when you just need to get your head down. This combined with the fact procrastination is my forte, I mean  I will generally  go to the kitchen to make coffee even though I have a kettle at my desk; this then results in me staying in the kitchen for about 8 hours achieving absolutely nothing. 

Anyway, I guess I'm writing this post to emphasis how restraining yourself to your laptop working all the time isn't necessarily helpful. Sometimes, you need to just chill; take a day off and go for a coffee and a blueberry muffin at a cute cafe; visit an art gallery or even just have a random 5 minute outburst of dancing to uplifting music (this always works for me!) This maybe strange but honestly I give myself 5 minute breaks every now and then so I can dance like a nutter to some of my favourite music, this always uplifts my mood and gets me on the right track and allows me to focus on my work. This may not work for everyone but you just need to find what works for you; what it is that gives you a minute to forget entirely about your overwhelming amount of work and to just remember to enjoy life?

As I said, dance breaks are an absolute go to for me; I'm a terrible dancer but just letting yourself dance away the stress, knowing that no ones watching, rocking out with a bit of air guitar, is an absolute great way to just let your hair down. So, below Ive included the playlist that I've created that has completely gotten me through my mass amount of deadlines recently. This playlist may not work for you and you may want to listen to more of your favourite songs but at least there is a bit of inspo for you. All of the songs below, are uplifting and perfect to dance to or belt out when you're alone in your room with no one to judge you:

Elephant Tame Impala
Flame Sundara Karma
Cry Baby Cage The Elephant
Moonage Daydream David Bowie
Relax Frankie Goes To Hollywood
Burning Down The House Talking Heads
What You Know Two Door Cinema Club
Dancing With Myself Billy Idol
Under The Bridge The Red Hot Chili Peppers
My Number Foals
If You Wanna The Vaccines 
The Chain Fleetwood Mac
Take Me Out Franz Ferdinand
Can't Stand Me Now The Libertines

*Warning: If played on a continuous loop, this playlist will result in the ultimate level of procrastination*

The Clueless Blogger

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Sundara Karma

The other night, was an absolute blast as I got to see one of my favourite bands at the moment live in Manchester. Basically, at the moment I'm absolutely in love with Sundara Karma and I'd been waiting impatiently for months until the night came around that I was actually going to go and see them. They were honestly incredible. Despite the crowds being absolute twats, with underaged kids drunk falling everywhere, it was still a brilliant gig. As you all know, I love nothing more than going to gigs and listening to live music so you can imagine how much of a good time I had. I ended up taking one of my friends with me who had never been to a gig before so this was such a cool experience for me to introduce her too. Unfortunately lmao she hated how rough it was ha ha but I guess you either love it or you hate it, kinda like marmite. Anyway, there's not much more I have to say on the matter apart from go and check out Sundara Karma if you haven't already, they're an amazing band with a kind of indie pop vibe; my favourite songs of theirs include 'Flame' and 'She Said' so go and give them a listen (I'm aware that this is a pretty short post but I feel like my photos speak for themselves ha ha).

*Just your typical indie in ripped fishnets loving life*

Summary: I walked away bruised, drunk and smelling of beer; what a fabulous way to end the night! 

The Clueless Blogger