Thursday, 17 November 2016

Gigs Cure Everything

So last week I had the absolute pleasure of seeing one of my favourite bands for the third time, Catfish and the Bottlemen. This time however, it was particularly special as it was the night before my birthday which meant I got to sing my heart out to the beautiful Van McCann all the way through to my birthday the next day. 

The gig was absolutely insane and it the venue was crazy, it took place in Victoria Warehouse, Manchester,  which is absolutely huge and it just had a really edgy vibe. IT was so great as well because my two friends came to stay with me in Manchester and it was just such a brilliant day, I just wanted to relive the whole night over and over again.

Anyway, relating to my blog title, ' Gigs Cure Everything', basically this is something I 100% believe, I mean if you're having a shit time or you're stressed about anything or everything, if you go to a gig, you will feel so refreshed and at peace with the world. Lmao that was so deep hahaa! But I mean it, like you just forget everything and you get to spend your evening covered in beer; singing your heart out with strangers and getting bruised to pieces in a mosh pit. I know that doesnt sound glamorous but honestly it's the perfect remedy. 

Above, are just a few photos of me and my friends having a whale of a time last Wednesday, slightly drunk and prior to becoming drenched in beer and sweat but hey, it was the best night in so long and it was much needed amidst the stress of uni. 

Get yourself to a gig!

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