Saturday, 25 February 2017

Getting A Tattoo

So, a few weeks back I did something that I've been wanting to do for a few years now... I got a tattoo!! Like I said, I've wanted one doing for so long now so this was a crazily exciting experience for me. The only thing that had been putting me off getting one, was that I kept on changing my mind on what I wanted doing and up until this point I hadn't found anything that had really struck a chord with me. I mean like nothing really stuck out for me that shouted, 'Yes, I want that on my body forever!'... until now. 

So after hours and hours on Pinterest, I finally found a tattoo that hit me as soon as I saw it, I knew that was what I wanted from the minute I saw it. Virtually straight away, I messaged this tattooist that I knew and booked myself in because I was so adamant on getting it, I mean it was pretty spontaneous at the time and was just after a few drinks one night and I just thought why not. I decided on getting a tattoo of a tarot card specifically the moon and to be honest there was no specific meaning as to why I got it; I just absolutely love the illustration and thought it was an amazing piece of art to have put on my body permanently. When I looked in to it, I read that the moon tarot card is a symbol of mystery, illumination, dreams and the unconscious. After looking into the meaning of the card, it made me want it even more as I just love the idea that it symbolises illumination and the idea that if I'm having a bad day or I've ran out of hummus or something drastic along them lines, I can just look at my tattoo and it reminds me that there's always that glimmer of light. 

A week later I went and got it done and I'm not going to lie I was so nervous ha ha. I mean I consider myself to have a very high pain tolerance considering the piercings I have but even I couldn't prepare myself for what I thought the pain would be like. It turns out it was the most painless thing ever and I worked myself up for nothing. It was such a cool experience, I generally found it so relaxing and enjoyable the fact that I was just sat there for two hours whilst he did it and I could just lie back, relax and forget about everything. Its so hard to describe but I generally felt no pain what so ever.

I honestly urge anyone who has ever considered getting a tattoo to just go and do it. I mean why not? Like I said the pain was absolutely nothing and I'm so over the moon with my tattoo (unintentional pun) that there are so many more that I wish to get done and the only thing stopping me is the fact I need to save some money first *sighh*. I've generally been on Pinterest non-stop since I had it done, in search of another one to get done.

Anyway, if you take any thing away from this post, it's that you should just go for it! I mean why not, just go and get your body covered in art!

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