Sunday, 5 February 2017

Anti-Trump Protest, Manchester 04/02/17

If you've read my last post, you'll already be aware that yesterday, I had the absolute pleasure of experiencing an Anti-Trump protest in St. Peters Square, Manchester. One of the things I love about Manchester, is the fact that you have events like this on your doorstep, something that I'm not used to considering I'm from such a small insignificant town. 

The protest was an absolutely insane atmosphere, there were hundreds of protesters all united with witty banners and chants; I have never seen so many angry anti-trump activists in my life. There were various speakers, who uplifted the crowds encouraging everyone to not give up the fight and to continue to resist Trump. My absolute favourite sign has to be the one in the above top left corner as this guy created an Anti-Trump pun out of one of my favourite human being's (Bob Dylan) song, 'Mr Tambourine Man'; it was something of creative genius. It was so inspiring to see everyone united against one entity.

For me, it is simply obvious that Trumps actions are inhumane and barbaric however despite this, some still believe that he is doing the right thing. I mean yesterday following the protest, some young lads came and asked me, 'why are you holding a Trump sign?' of which I simply replied, 'Why are you not?'. The response of the guys generally baffled me as they claimed that 'he hasn't done anything wrong yet (...) give him a chance'. I was generally outraged at their audacity, I mean the key word there is YET, I man he has already signed the Muslim Ban so how on earth can they declare that statement and also why should we give him a chance? If we do, it will be too late; it is clear that Trump is a chauvinistic, misogynist, racist, inhumane, fascist, xenophobic unfit leader, how can people not see this? The lads then continued to bore me with statements on how he would bring the 'business back into the country', by this point I had to walk away before I lost it.

I generally cannot fathom, Trump's mind set as surely only a deranged lunatic would want to create a wall to exclude an entire ethnic group as well as banning an entire religious group from entering the US and have I forgot to mention his desire to ban abortion? A genuine human right that all women should be entitled to. Trump is now closing off the US borders and prohibiting various people to enter the states, with the only public justification being that of protecting the country from terrorism although it is clear, that this is merely Trump attempting to justify his fascist xenophobic ideology.  I mean preventing whole race and ethnic groups from entering the states isn't going to stop this, it will merely cause revolution. Where has all the humanity gone?

Let Trump enforce a wall and you watch the Mexicans tear it down; let Trump ban abortion and you watch how many women will continue to have them through unsafe procedures, therefore jeopardising the life of women across the US; let Trump ban various ethnic groups from entering the states and watch how Trumps isolationist approach will backfire when terrorism isn't stopped. The people will speak up and it wont be long before they revolt if this man continues with his fascist behaviour as Dennis Skinner rightfully compares him to the likes of 'Mussolini and Hitler'. We as humans will not stand by and let this happen I mean, historically when have the people ever remained silent?

Before, I get way too into this political spiel (I feel it may be too late for that), I'm going to stop here and just leave it there, otherwise I will be here all night. I'm aware that this post isn't as light hearted as my typical content however, I feel as if it is an issue that is highly important to take into consideration as it affects us in Britain in terms or our relations with the US considering they are our biggest allies and does that not make us guilty by association. Should we not be standing up to his behaviour rather than condoning it? How can we be seen as a country who accepts his policies? Does that not just make us as bad as him? Anyway I shall leave it there with my final point being, please get involved with politics and help protest against such a fascist dictator, as we do not want another World War on our hands, thank you!

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  1. Ah I love this, so nice to see bloggers writing about things that break the mould! I am so glad I found you blog today, it is lovely.. well done you! x

    1. Thats so sweet, thank you! It's so nice to read responses like this, it's reassuring to know that there are still sane people out there in this crazy world! X