Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Lazy Days

After spending all my weekend at work,  it was just really nice to spend my Monday off having an exceptionally lazy day. I spent my entire day in my pyjamas and just had the most chilled day that I've had in a long time. I spent my day doing some of my favourite things: reading, writing and over-indulging in crumpets and chai lattes. 

It was just so nice to take a step back from the daily rush of life and also gave me an opportunity to improve my blogging skills. This meant that I spent part of my day in my garden experimenting with taking photos and watching other bloggers videos on how to take the best flat lay photos. I actually found this really fun as I just got to play around with all different arrangements and got to create photos just by using some of my day to day essentials: my laptop, books, tea and my typewriter that I keep near by just on the perchance that I have a creative literary spell.

So, above are the results of my photos which I'm actually really pleased with and I couldn't help but feature my new Autumn favourite essential, my bobble hat. Yes, I'm aware that we aren't even in Autumn yet but I couldn't resist this as I walked through Primark's new Autumn collection; I mean for £2 how could I pass that up! 

I'm also heading to London on Sunday to visit my beloved Camden, so expect to see many photos featuring very soon of my adventure and hopefully I'll get into the habit of posting more frequently; that is if I stop procrastinating and succumbing to my lazy oaf tendencies anyway.

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