Tuesday, 8 March 2016

International Women's Day

First of all, Happy International Women's Day to all of you fellow independant females out there who don't need to rely on men or feel the need to fit in this so called society that man has created; I'd like to applaud us all for making it this far in this patriarchal world. To me, this day is all about celebrating the glory that it is to be a woman but also the progress that we have made over the years; if it wasn't for the likes of Emily Davison, Emmeline and Christabel Pankhurst back in the early 19th century, then us women would not be standing where we are now with the rights that we so rightly deserve. I think that it is highly important that we never forget these iconic figures who were the pioneers of gender equality and to them I am forever grateful.

As I sit here with my right to vote; my right to an education; my right to wear what I wish and speak out as I wish, I dont feel privileged but I am entirely grateful to the suffragettes and suffragists. I dont feel privileged, why should I? Why should I, feel privileged that the government finally issued me my rights in 1928? Rights, that all men were given at birth yet for some reason the government felt us undeserving and penalised us due to the fact we do not have a penis or a big ego (excuse the vulgarity). What I do feel privileged of, is that I am of the same gender as such empowering women as Emily Davison.

Yet, despite all of the hard work of women across the years, I'm still dissatisfied with how we are treated and why our actions are questioned based on gender stereotypes:

'That skirt is too short, you're obviously asking for it'
'That's un-lady like of you'
'Women aren't as strong as men'
'Why would a pretty girl like you have a face full of piercings?'
'Women can't play ...'
'Men are generally more successful'
'Women are nothing without men'

Yes, we may have progressed exceptionally from where we began but there is still so much in-equality left in the world. Some might believe that there is no longer such thing as a patriarchal society but all you have to do is look at the likes of the Vatican City and Saudi Arabia who still don't possess the right to vote or, the lack of a right to an education in Egypt and Chad. How can we blissfully ignore all of the wrong doings against women, just because it isn't happening right in front of us, it doesn't mean that gender in-equality doesn't exist; open your eyes. 

As much as I love Women's Independance Day, a day dedicated to female empowerment; it does however come at the price of male naivety as they question, 'Why don't we get an Independance Day?'. The ignorance of some males opinions today, riled me to conduct this blog post as if they really cared so much about having a day dedicated to their egotism, they would have surely looked more heavily into and realised that in fact the 19th November is Male Independance Day. Yet, no they didn't really care about having their own Independance Day but instead wanted to deter the attention away from a day solely dedicated to women as their ego's are shy of some attention for 24 hours. 

Just because there is a difference between our anatomies, why should we be considered so inferior to the male race? Don't get me wrong, I am not by any means a misandrist and I am not aiming for a matriarchal society but instead just a society where we are all considered equal and don't face sexist remarks or get discriminated against just because of a gender; I don't want to hear people proclaiming that, 'She asked for rape, look at what she's wearing'. Don't get me wrong, this blog post may appear to be attacking some men however, that is as a result of some male comments that I have witnessed recently.  I want to hear men praising women for their strength, for their intelligence, their courage, beauty and I want to hear women returning compliments because at the end of the day beneath it all, we are all made up of the same matter; take away the surface and we all possess the same structure.

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