Saturday, 24 October 2015

The Eden Project

Recently, I have been been back down to one of my favourite places again..Cornwall. For those of you who don't know, Cornwall is home to The Eden Project. Basically, The Eden Project is an educational eco-park consisting of huge biomes which contain plants from all over the world. that sounds really dorky and probably a wee bit boring but honestly it's completely the opposite! I have always wanted to go and have always put it off as its quite a long drive away from where I stay, however I was so happy that I finally went. For any of you, who are major enthusiasts of anything botanical, thrill seekers, organic food lovers or even if you're someone who just appreciates the beauty of nature; this is the perfect place for you (I sound like I've been paid to advertise the place, ha).

I have never been so in my element before (besides when I'm in a vinyl shop)and the whole experience completely blew me away. There is just so much to see and do there: you can have endless amounts of fun strolling through the Mediterranean and Rainforest biomes; gaze at the giant bumblebees; wander through the palm trees; experience a traditional Malay house; sip on an organic coconut cocktail; roam through the muddy bare-foot trail or even have a quick cream tea in the cafe( She says in her best Stoke accent). There are also numerous exhibitions that take place, I was uber lucky for there to be a dinosaur one on at the time of which I was able to release my inner-geek. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to go on the sky high zip wire of which I was extremely sad about however, no doubt I will be returning.

Throughout my entire adventure, I took so many photos that would completely spam my blog so instead, below are a few that basically sum up my experience. 

I almost forgot, they also had a giant green house full of plants that you could purchase; for me this was one of my favourite parts as I have an obsession with filling my room with them! Thanks to The Eden Project, I now have a total of 20 plants in my room of which I can now basically call a jungle.


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