Monday, 4 September 2017

London Calling

So this weekend me and my family went on a much anticipated trip to one of my favourite places.. London babyyy! We decided to head on a little family roadtrip to Cockfosters so we could hop on the underground and take a trip to my all time favourite place, Camden Town.

We headed to Camden straight away and of course spent the entire morning roaming around all the little quirky shops which I absolutely loved. After spending far too much on jewellery, records and artsy prints we then decided to head to Camden locks and find some amazing street food to dig into and omg were we spoilt for choice! There was just oh so many incredible food stalls but in the end we settled for some chinese street food and oh, was I so pleased that we did, it was incredible! We also grabbed some fresh orange juice from the most adorable little stall ever and after taking many a photograph around Camden, we decided to get on the underground and catch the next tube to Notting Hill so we could head to Portobello Market.

Now, I have never been to the flea market at Portobello but I have heard so many great things about it and It definitely lived up to my expectations, I was certainly impressed. The market stalls went on for absolutely miles and there were so many quirky, antique and vintage stalls to look around, it was one of the coolest places ever! The streets were also full of the most amazing pastel painted houses,it was just all soo bloody lovely. We ended up indulging in more street food before we headed to the Hummingbird Bakery to grab some of the most adorable lil cupcakes to take home with us.

Originally Notting Hill was going to be our last stop before we headed back on the tube to Cockfosters but we decided to take a little venture to Carnaby Street, somewhere else I have never been to before! And I'm oh, so happy that we did as this turned out to be one of my newest favourite parts of London, there were so many amazing shops that I ended up spending way more than I should have but oh well I was in London babyy!! I mean come on how could I pass on shopping when Cheap Monday and Monki were standing right in front of me ey?

After Carnaby Street, we then headed back home much to my dismay. I absolutely love London and I just want to spend all of my days roaming around the streets of Camden and Carnaby Street; spending copious amounts on lovely things that I dont need. It was such a lovely little day and the weather was absolutely insane, we truly were so lucky to have spent what seems to be the last of the summer weather in one truly amazing city. I hope you've enjoyed the photos from my little London adventure and I'd love to hear all about your favourite parts of London, I'd love to check out some new places next time I visit!!

 Until next time London..

The Clueless Blogger


  1. It's always so fun to see London (the place I call home for 3 year now) through someone else's eyes:) looks like a lovely day, especially that you had luck with the weather. And yes, I definitely enjoyed your colourful photographs. :)
    x finja ~

  2. I'm so jealous that you get to enjoy London everyday!! It really is such a beautiful city! Thank you so much lovely xo

  3. I love Camden so much! It's my favourite place in London! Look like you had a great time xx

  4. It's such an incredible place! I definitely had a lovely day, thank you so much! xo