Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Snippets of my Weekend

This weekend just gone, was my last weekend in Manchester before I go back to home to the oh, so lovely Shropshire(Can you sense the sarcasm?). As you can probably guess I'm so so sad to be leaving my favourite city for four whole months!! It's going to seem like forever until I'm going to be back walking the streets of the NQ; going to my favourite indie bar and spending copious amounts of money in Piccadilly Records; I'm genuinely holding back the tears as I write haahaha.  But besides the sadness of leaving until September, I can't get over the fact I move out of halls on Friday and mainly the fact that as of Friday I will no longer be a fresher and will soon be a second year moving into a house with some of my best pals. Its just all sooooo crazy! Its gone by so fast, it feels like it was only yesterday that I was just a little nobody arriving in such a big city all by myself.


Anyway, moving on from my bemusement.. as it was my last weekend in the city before Summer, I decided I wanted to spend it roaming around the NQ; having one last shop and mainly one last big crazy night before I have to move back home and become a recluse because I have no money*Sighh*. It was so lovely in the Northern Quarter on Sunday as the market was on so there were so many lovely little independent shops all selling such cute and delicious products. There were stalls selling so many amazing plants and cacti which satisfied my botanical obsession immensely; there was also copious amounts of cake and other baked goods including lots and lots of cheese(=happy Fran), along with some oh so lovely art prints; vintage clothes and collectibles and there was even a small band tent with live music and an kitsch little ice cream van. I mean, if I haven't sold it to you already, the photos definitely will. 

So as you can see by my photos, I roamed around the NQ; hit up the Arndale to brake the bank one last time in Urban Outfitters; grabbed a few smoothies from some of my favourite cafes and just had an overall lovely last weekend in Manchester which was certainly topped off by an amazing last night out on Monday night with some of my bestest pals. Result. 

The Clueless Blogger


  1. Will look into the record store mentioned, looks like a perfect little break you get there... :)
    x finja |

  2. Definitely check out Piccadilly Records, by far one of my favourite stores and it was even rated by Tim Burgess as one of his favourites! X
    - The Clueless blogger