Thursday, 23 March 2017

Sunshine and Daffodils

Finally, the sun is out and Spring is in the Air! Today, it officially felt like Spring was here (Well in Manchester anyway), the sun was out from the minute I opened my curtains this morning and it was such a nice feeling to feel the sun shining through my window after so long. I decided that you know what, I'm not going into university today because instead I'm going to enjoy the rarity that is the sunshine.. dont worry I was only supposed to be in for an hour anyway so it wasn't too bad. Although, I did end up spending a lot of my day doing work anyway which kinda makes up for it in my head but it was just so nice to give myself the day off. I spent most of the day sat on my floor on my tapestry, drinking coffee and doing assignments but it was just so lovely as I was sat by my big open window in my flat and it generally just made me so happy and actually more productive as I was actually enjoying doing my work with the help of the sunshine. I was so content in my own little world listening to Happy Mondays in a celebratory gesture as today I also managed to get myself and a friend two tickets to go and see them this year, ahhhh! Today was a good day!

After doing some work, I decided that I was going to go for a walk in the sun, go to the local art gallery and maybe pop into a cute cafe somewhere to grab a well deserved cappuccino and a slice of cake. It was so lovely to be able to put a cute summery outfit on considering I've basically been purely dressing for the drizzly rain and freezing cold recently which means that I've been forever living in old grandad jumpers and mom jeans. So, to make the most of the weather, I popped on my favourite yellow jumper, my dusty pink pinafore, docs, grabbed my Levis jacket(outfit details below) and headed to the gallery. Although on the way, through the park, I couldn't help but spot some daffodils and of course had to make the most of this photo opportunity so against her will, I forced my flatmate into becoming my photographer for the day ha ha, don't worry I repaid her with coffee.

As I said, we headed to the gallery after exhausting my camera with daffodil photos and just roamed around the Andy Warhol exhibition that was going on and then headed to a coffee shop. It was such a lovely day and it's made me so much more excited for Summer to come along now as I can't wait to have more days out like today just roaming around, exploring in the sunshine. It's amazing how much the sun can uplift your mood! Anyway, thats all for now but keep an eye out for a follow up post of my time in my local art gallery, The Whitworth.

 Outfit details: Yellow Jumper: Vintage, Pink Pinafore: Topshop, Levi's Denim Jacket: ASOS, Doc Martens, Dogtooth Socks: Topshop, Fishnets: Primark, Kanken Rucksack 

Lets just hope the sun comes out more frequently from now on so I can go out and take more blog photos without getting rained on!

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