Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Miserable Beaches and the Bookshop of Dreams

First of all, I broke up from uni for Easter over two weeks ago now and originally I had planned on getting so much work and blog posts written but now all of a sudden, I have five days left before I go back to uni and I've accomplished nothing. I have absolutely no idea where all of the days have disappeared to and I'm now super overwhelmed by my looming deadlines and I have so many drafts for blog posts going on, I just don't even know where the time has gone arghhhh!

Anyway, my small rant on my lack of organisation and ultimate procrastination is over so lets actually talk about what I was meant to talk about, shall we? So, last week my family had booked a week off from work as they knew I was back from uni so it just gave us all a week to chill and just go on a few cute day trips and as it was super sunny last week it was so nice to just spend most of the time sat in the garden doing nothing but enjoying the sunshine as it's such a rare occasion that we actually get any. However, one of the days we decided that we were going to go to Barmouth, much to my dismay as although I used to love this place as a child, it's somewhere where that there isn't particularly anything there except for a drizzly beach, amusements and a couple of shops that sell rock (Not my idea of fun). But anyway, my family thought that it was a great idea to go as it was supposed to be the hottest day of the year so far, a fact that I was rather pessimistic about as I'm dubious of weather forecasting, especially considering how repetitive they are when they make the annual comments on how we're going to have the hottest summer and coldest winter *Currently rolling my eyes as I struggle to understand why people arrange days out based on the unpredictability of the weather*. I digress.

Despite this, I grinned and bared it and we headed to Barmouth. The day started out to be super sunny on the journey down there but typically this changed as we arrived and stepped out of the car as much to my prediction, the sun disappeared and was replaced by a sky full of grey clouds (How typical). We only ended up staying for a few hours due to the weather but it was still nice to just be with my family sitting on a miserable beach eating ice cream and reading a book so I guess it wasn't all doom and gloom.

We also ended up popping to a little town called Welsh Pool, that we drove through on the way down; this was definitely the highlight of our day out for me. Although it was a really small quaint village, it was full of charity shops, bakeries, second hand book shops and florists which I absolutely loved.. Wow, I sound like someone's Grandma. Anyway, there is nothing I love more than roaming around charity shops in search of vintage books that I can add to my book shelves and as I said, Welsh Pool was the place to go for this! I ended up coming away with about ten books including a retro David Bowie book which was an absolute treasure of a find and also a Samuel Taylor Coleridge poetry book that I fell in love with of which I can now add to my ever growing poetry collection. As much as I love buying brand new books and roaming around the likes of Waterstones aimlessly; there is something so ethereal about buying second hand books, the smell of the musty sheets and the handwriting of past owners that are sometime scrawled across the front pages; there's something so heart warming  about holding a book and wondering what it meant to the previous owner. Ok, so thats me dorking out over literature but anyway...



Welsh Pool turned out to be an absolutely lovely little town and I definitely recommend that people take a trip there as it's just somewhere nice for you to roam around; check out the cute little shops; indulge in homemade pastries at the many bakeries; check out the vintage whiskey tea room and enjoy some walks along the canals that pass through. 

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  1. Oh my god that is the bookshop of dreams, you got such gorgeous pictures! You have the loveliest little blog here by the way, well done on all the hard work you put into it.. it really pays off! x

    1. Thank you so so much! That is lovely to hear! X